Jadexs Episode 1 Trailer

Jadexs Versus Lobion

The humans of Ursus 13 are devolving into primitive mutations.
The Geln have enlisted Jadexs to collect reproductive DNA.
Armed with the Harlot Nano Strain, she attracts everything and
succumbs to every desire. Until the evolutionary mystery is solved,
Jadexs has been ordered to do Ursus 13.

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Jadexs Vs Lobion 6

Fucked to submission, Jadexs surrenders to Lobion's swallowing embrace.

Jadexs Play Time

Jadexs loses to the slimy touch of a gross horror.

Jadexs Claws

Jadexs geared up and unclothed.

Jadexs Vs. Wastelander

Seized by a wastelander mutant, Jadexs is lathered in its paralyzing slime.

Spider Takes Jadexs

A grotesque human spider cocoons and fucks Jadexs.

Jadexs Pose 1

Dwier Swallows Jadexs

Dwier sucks Jadexs into its body for some erotic consumption.

Jadexs Fed To Ship

Mytor feeds Jadexs to a giant blob.

Jadexs In QMAF

Jadexs sleeps submerged in QMAF
(Quantum Mechanical Amniotic Fluid.)

Jadexs Vs. Wastelander 2

Jadexs gives herself to another mutant of Ursus 13.

Jadexs In Dwier

Jadexs digests in Dwier's molesting belly.